Hyderabad NIMS Anesthesia Professor Suicide Tragedy

Hyderabad NIMS Anesthesia Professor Suicide Tragedy

In Hyderabad, a tragic incident unfolded as Dr. Prachikar, aged 46 and residing in Bhramanwadi, Begumpet, took her own life by administering anesthesia to herself. Dr. Prachikar was an Additional Professor in the Anesthesia Department at NIMS, Punjagutta. The distressing event occurred at her residence in Begumpet on Friday night.

According to police sources, Dr. Prachikar’s family members discovered her unconscious and promptly rushed her to the hospital. Despite efforts by medical professionals, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The Begumpet police have initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Dr. Prachikar’s death. As of now, the motive behind her decision to end her life remains unclear. Authorities have assured that they are exploring all possible aspects related to the incident.

This tragic loss has saddened the community and left colleagues and loved ones mourning her untimely death.


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