Telangana Youth Plan ‘Chalo Delhi’ Protest

Telangana Youth Plan 'Chalo Delhi' Protest

Image Source: Telangana Today

Unemployed youth from Telangana are planning a big protest called ‘Chalo Delhi’. In Hyderabad, they gathered at the Telangana Public Service Commission office to demand jobs. They’re upset because they say the government promised more jobs during the elections but hasn’t delivered.

The protest got intense with clashes between protestors and police. The area around the commission office looked heavily guarded with barricades and police everywhere. Despite this, some protestors managed to sit down and block the main road in Nampally.

The youth are demanding a clear job plan from the government and want more positions in the Group II and III categories. They’re also asking for existing vacancies to be filled quickly. Some protestors went on hunger strikes and threatened more protests if their demands aren’t met.

Police arrested many protestors during the demonstration and took them to a nearby stadium. Leaders from the protest group went to the police station to demand their release but were not successful.

The situation stayed tense throughout the day, with protestors promising more protests if the government didn’t listen to them. They’re even talking about marching to Delhi to confront politicians there.

The police have filed cases against the protestors, and the demands for more jobs and better opportunities continue to be a major issue for the unemployed youth of Telangana.


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