Dr. Philips Apologizes to Samantha, Blasts Her Doctors

Dr. Philips Apologizes to Samantha, Blasts Her Doctors

Dr. Abby Philips, also known as TheLiverDoc on social media, has apologized to actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu but harshly criticized her doctors, calling them “businessmen” and “frauds.”

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, who has been open about her Myositis diagnosis since 2022, recently advised her followers to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water for common viral infections instead of taking unnecessary pills. This advice raised concerns among medical professionals, including Dr. Abby Philips.

Dr. Philips criticized Samantha’s suggestion, calling it dangerous and not approved by health authorities. Samantha responded on Instagram, acknowledging the concerns but defending her intention to help others.

On Saturday, Dr. Philips apologized to Samantha but strongly criticized her doctors, Mitra Basu Chillar and Dr. Jockers, accusing them of promoting dubious treatments like ozone therapy and IV vitamin therapy, which he claims are ineffective and potentially harmful.

Dr. Philips also addressed Samantha’s response to his initial criticism, calling her a “serial offender” for endorsing unscientific and baseless alternative medicine therapies. He urged her to delete the harmful post and apologize to her followers, vowing not to comment on her future endorsements of alternative healthcare advice.


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