Hyderabad Math Exam Chaos: Missing Paper, Officials Out

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Class 10 Math Exam in Hyderabad Thrown into Chaos by Missing Graph Papers, Officials Removed Miscommunication Blamed for Anxious Moments

Students taking their Class 10 Math exams in Hyderabad on Saturday faced unexpected anxiety when they weren’t provided the mandatory graph paper. The incident at a private school in Khairatabad stemmed from a lack of communication between the exam center officials and the School Education Department.

Missing Papers Discovered Mid-Exam

The center received the standard exam materials, including question papers, main answer sheets, and extra sheets. However, they failed to check for graph paper before the exam began. The issue only came to light when students requested graph paper to answer questions.

Officials Scramble, Students Adjust

After initial confusion, center officials instructed students to use their main answer sheets for any graphs. Following the exam, students raised the issue with their parents and higher authorities.

Department Takes Action

Officials took the situation seriously and removed both the chief superintendent and departmental officer from their exam duties. The department emphasized that standard procedures require center officials to verify all materials before the exam starts.

This incident wasn’t isolated. In another instance, a custodian at a center in Ranga Reddy district left during the exam to retrieve additional answer sheets from a different center. This serious lapse in protocol resulted in the custodian’s removal.

Overall, six officials were removed from exam duties on Saturday for negligence. These actions highlight the importance of proper exam procedures and ensuring students have the necessary materials to perform their best.

Exams Proceed Despite Hiccups

Despite the hiccups, the Math exams continued. A total of 4,95,293 regular students registered for the exam, with 4,93,652 attending. There were no reported cases of malpractice. Similarly, out of 6,069 private students assigned to different centers, 5,301 participated in the exam.

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