Hyderabad: Man Jailed 25 Years for Raping Daughter


Hyderabad: Man Sentenced to 25 Years for Raping Minor Daughter

Hyderabad: A local court in Hyderabad has delivered a stern verdict, sentencing a man to 25 years of rigorous imprisonment for the heinous crime of raping his own daughter. The incident occurred in his residence at Bowenpally in 2022. Alongside the prison term, the court also imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on the perpetrator.

The court, recognizing the gravity of the offense and the trauma endured by the victim, directed the concerned authorities to provide her with compensation amounting to Rs 7 lakh.

The convict, a 30-year-old garbage collector, shared his home with his second wife and children. In the absence of her stepmother, he repeatedly subjected his own daughter to sexual abuse. The young girl, silenced by threats of violence, bore the burden of her suffering alone.

Acting on a complaint lodged by the girl’s stepmother, the Bowenpally police swiftly took action, booking a case against the offender and apprehending him.

This verdict serves as a reminder that justice will prevail even in the darkest corners of society, and perpetrators of such heinous crimes will face the consequences of their actions.


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