Hyderabad Cybercrime Saves Techie’s Rs 18 Lakh

Hyderabad Cybercrime Saves Techie's Rs 18 Lakh

Hyderabad cybercrime police acted quickly to save a 31-year-old software professional from losing Rs 18 lakh to a scam. The victim, who works in Amberpet, fell prey to a fraudster pretending to be from a courier company.

The fraudster tricked the victim by claiming his Aadhaar details were used in a drug smuggling case and asked him to contact Mumbai cybercrime authorities via Skype. They also convinced him to take a personal loan of Rs 18 lakh and transfer it to their account.

Realizing he had been scammed, the victim promptly reported the incident to cybercrime police. Within just 11 minutes, police worked with the banks involved and managed to block the entire amount from being withdrawn by the fraudsters.

DCP Kavitha advised the public to verify the sources of unexpected calls, messages, or emails before sharing personal or financial details. She warned against transferring money to unknown accounts or responding to unsolicited job offers.

To report cyber financial fraud, people can call the Cybercrime Helpline at 1930, visit their local police station, or use the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal at cybercrime.gov.in. These steps are crucial to prevent falling victim to such scams.

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