Rs.60 Lakh Cyber Fraud Foiled! Helpline Saves Woman

Rs.60 Lakh Cyber Fraud Foiled! Helpline Saves Woman

Woman Saved from Losing Rs. 60 Lakh in Cyber Fraud: TSCSB Helpline Hailed for Swift Action

A woman in Hyderabad was nearly the victim of a cyber fraud involving a staggering Rs. 60 lakh, but thanks to the quick thinking of the victim and the TSCSB’s Cyber Crime Helpline, she was saved from losing her money.

The incident occurred on May 15th when the woman received a call from someone posing as a Maharashtra police officer. The caller accused her of money laundering and threatened her with a warrant. Fearful of the consequences, the woman was forced to stay on a Skype video call with the fraudster throughout the night.

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Under immense pressure, the victim ultimately transferred Rs. 60 lakh to an account provided by the caller. However, soon after realizing it was a scam, she immediately contacted the TSCSB’s Cyber Crime Helpline in 1930.

The helpline staff wasted no time. They uploaded the transaction details to a specific portal (CFCFRMS) and alerted SBI Bank, where the stolen money was headed. This swift action resulted in a hold being placed on the entire Rs. 60 lakh within a single hour.

Authorities credited the successful recovery to the victim’s prompt reporting within the “golden hour” and the exceptional response by the helpline staff. The TSCSB Director, Shikha Goel, even commended and rewarded the team behind the 1930 call center, including SI G. Shirisha, constables T. Rehman, and B. Krishna, for their crucial role in saving the women’s money.

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