Hyderabad Activist Questions Police Ops

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Hyderabad Social Activist Raises Concern Over Police Operations

A social activist in Hyderabad has raised significant concerns regarding the recent police operations conducted by the Hyderabad Police. The activist, S. Q. Masood, has written to Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, DGP Ravi Gupta, and City Police Commissioner K. Sreenivasa Reddy, urging a re-evaluation of strategies to ensure that all law enforcement activities comply with legal boundaries.

Masood highlighted that certain police actions, such as ‘Mission Chabutra’, ‘Cordon and Search’, and ‘Counseling of Pedestrians’ special drives, have raised serious questions about their legality and ethicality. He emphasized that these operations not only violate citizens’ rights but also damage the reputation of the police department and the government.

The activist pointed out instances where police personnel were seen using abusive language, resorting to physical violence against individuals sitting outside their homes, and harassing street vendors and food delivery executives. Masood stressed that the right to move freely and peacefully assemble is a fundamental right that must be respected within the confines of the law.

In conclusion, Masood emphasized the importance of re-evaluating police strategies to ensure that all law enforcement activities are conducted with utmost respect for human rights and dignity. This call for a review aims to address concerns over potential violations of legal boundaries in policing operations in Hyderabad.

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