Early Delight: 4 AM Biryani Craze

Early Delight 4 AM Biryani Craze

Image Source:Telangana Today

Discover Hyderabad’s New Trend: 4 AM Biryani Stalls in Madhapur!

In Hyderabad’s Madhapur area, there’s a new trend popping up: 4 am biryani stalls! People are flocking to these stalls in the thousands, all for a taste of Hyderabad’s favorite dish – biryani – even before the sun comes up!

The streets of Madhapur wake up early, filled not only with the smell of morning tea but also with the delicious aroma of biryani cooking away.

The stall owners get started at midnight, working hard to make sure the biryani is just right by the time 4 am rolls around. And by sunrise, they’ve already served up thousands of plates to hungry customers.

One popular spot is Shanta’s 4 AM Biryani, open from 4 am to 8 am. Rahul, the owner, says they’re busy all night cooking, and by morning, they’ve served thousands of customers.

Another hotspot is Sai Anna’s 4 AM Biryani in Borabanda, open from 4 am to 10 am. They offer different kinds of biryani, catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The lines start forming way before 4 am, with people eagerly waiting for their biryani fix. Shanta’s 4 AM Biryani serves thousands of customers daily, while Sai Anna’s 4 AM Biryani sees hundreds on weekdays and even more on weekends.

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