Hemant Soren Set to Return as Jharkhand CM

Hemant Soren

Image Source: PTI

Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Champai Soren resigned on Wednesday, paving the way for Hemant Soren to reclaim his position as CM. Hemant Soren, chosen as the leader of the INDIA bloc parties in the Assembly, is now preparing to form the government.

Hemant Soren had faced legal issues related to a land scam but was granted bail by the Jharkhand High Court recently. He had stepped down from his CM role earlier this year before his arrest in January.

The BJP has criticized Champai Soren’s tenure as temporary, accusing the Soren family of clinging to power. They allege Champai faced challenges and interference during his time as CM, suggesting a family-dominated political landscape in the state.

Looking ahead, a Congress leader overseeing Jharkhand affairs believes that Hemant Soren’s leadership could benefit the INDIA Front in the upcoming state elections. They cite support from tribal communities and argue that corruption allegations against Hemant have not held up.

In the recent Lok Sabha elections, the INDIA Front secured five seats in Jharkhand, while the BJP-led NDA won nine out of 14 seats. JMM and Congress also had significant wins. The INDIA Bloc sees these results as evidence that accusations against Hemant Soren were politically motivated, pointing to the High Court’s bail decision in his favor.


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