Election officials in Telangana monitor TV networks for violations

Telangana control room

Image credit: Telangana Today

Telangana: Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) officials in GHMC headquarters are keeping a close watch on all the election-related content on television networks.

The team works in two shifts round-the-clock, supervised by three Assistant Engineers. They look out for MCC violations regarding paid news and advertisements, along with any other stories that may be violating the poll code. All the channels are also recorded and up to one TB data is stored.

Meanwhile, other teams record the data of the 90 flying squads deployed across the city. As squads go about their checks and seizures, record and accumulate the data, and send it to the Commissioner for review.

Another five-member team is also deployed to monitor the complaints posted on the Election Commission of India‘s (ECI) cVIGIL app. This app allows citizens, officers, and even flying squads to register complaints.

Suvidha Centre

For political rallies, meetings, and related activities, district election officers have set up a single window clearance system to give permissions to these campaign activities.

The Suvidha Centre, which is open 24×7, is a one-stop hub for any election-related permits in the city. Be it public assemblies, road shows, door-to-door campaigns, temporary election offices, or even for using loudspeakers, helipads, banners, campaign vehicles, and others; permissions can be acquired at this office.

As of now, a total of seven officials including three computer operators and also police officers are taking care of these permits. Although it won’t be functioning round the clock, a similar Suvidha Centre is also set up at the Returning Officer’s (RO) office in all 15 constituencies in the city.

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