Hyderabad Drug Bust: 24 Arrested at ‘The Cave Bar and Lounge’

Hyderabad Drug Bust 24 Arrested at 'The Cave Bar and Lounge'

Image Credit: Harsha Mathi

In Hyderabad, a popular event called ‘Forest Alchemy’ was raided by the Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TGANB) late Saturday night. The raid took place at ‘The Cave Bar and Lounge’ in Manikonda. Authorities nabbed 24 people who were found consuming drugs.

Acting on a tip-off, a team led by TGANB Director Sandeep Shandilya conducted the raid. The event, which started at 8 PM, was closely monitored by the authorities. They entered the venue around midnight, catching attendees by surprise.

“We checked 55 people using portable drug detection kits, and 24, including the DJ, tested positive for drug use,” Shandilya told Telangana Today.

Most of those caught had smoked or consumed marijuana, while four people, including the DJ, tested positive for both marijuana and cocaine. One person was found to have used MDMA.

Despite the rain, the event saw a large turnout, with Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Psychedelic music performances by DJ Sandeep Sharma of ‘White Wizard’ and Foe’Xan.

“We had information about the potential drug use and prepared for the raid over the last few days,” said an official. “The investigation is ongoing.”

The 24 individuals and the club management were taken into custody, with the raid continuing past midnight.


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