Osmania University Ladies Hostel: Lunch Served with Worms

Osmania University Ladies Hostel

Image source: Telangana Today

Worms in Lunch Spark Outrage and Protest at Osmania University Ladies Hostel

Osmania University’s Ladies Hostel became the scene of a shocking protest on Tuesday as students found their lunch infested with worms. This repulsive discovery fueled outrage and prompted residents to stage a demonstration, holding up their contaminated plates as grim evidence.

“How can we be expected to eat food crawling with worms and insects?” exclaimed a protesting student, questioning the university administration’s commitment to basic hygiene. The students’ anger stemmed not only from the immediate incident but also from repeated complaints about unhygienic food that had fallen on deaf ears for months.

They further alleged that raising concerns resulted in threats of admission cancellation from the administration, adding fuel to their frustration. Their demands were clear: immediate rectification of the food quality and removal of the hostel director, Kalyana Lakshmi, who they held responsible for the persistent neglect.

This incident raises serious concerns about student well-being and the responsibility of educational institutions to provide a safe and healthy environment. The protest highlighted the urgent need for transparency and accountability in addressing issues related to food quality and hostel management. Hopefully, the students’ voices will be heard and lead to swift action to ensure their rights to basic necessities like clean and edible food are respected.


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