Congress Candidate in Medak Makes Bold Claim: 48 Hours of Power Supply Daily

Congress Mynampally Rohith

HYDERABAD, India—As Telangana Assembly Elections approach, some opposition candidates are making unrealistic promises to attract voters. One such candidate is Mynampally Rohith, a Congress candidate from Medak, who has pledged to provide electricity for 48 hours per day if his party is elected.

Mr. Rohith’s promise has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism from netizens, who have pointed out that there are only 24 hours in a day. Some have questioned Mr. Rohith’s understanding of timekeeping, while others have accused him of making unrealistic promises to gain votes.

Mr. Rohith’s promise is not the only one that has attracted attention. Other candidates have made promises such as providing free laptops to students, reducing unemployment, and building new roads and bridges. However, some of these promises have been criticized as being unrealistic or unfeasible.

With the elections just around the corner, it remains to be seen whether voters will be swayed by these promises or whether they will choose candidates based on their track records and policies.

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