Chilly Times in Telangana as Temperatures Drop!

Telangana weather

Image source: ntnews

Telangana Experiences Noticeable Drop in Temperatures, Experts Predict Further Decrease

Telangana: Get ready to bundle up, folks! Telangana is experiencing a noticeable drop in temperatures, especially during the night. According to the experts at the Meteorological Department, cold winds are making their way into the state from the northeast and north, causing the mercury to plummet.

It’s not just the nights that are getting colder, even daytime temperatures are taking a hit. The meteorological sources predict that North Telangana might see even lower temperatures in the coming days. Places like Adilabad, Karimnagar, and Nizamabad are likely to feel the brunt of this increasing cold, and even Hyderabad is not exempt from the cooling trend.

In Hyderabad, the minimum temperature was recorded at 16.6 degrees Celsius, according to the Meteorological Department. But the real chill is happening in places like Malkajgiri, which hit a bone-chilling 11.6 degrees, Serilingampally at 12.1 degrees, and Rajendranagar at 12.6 degrees.

The cold front extends to other areas as well, with temperatures like 12.8 degrees in Ramachandrapuram, Patancheruvu, 14 degrees in Secunderabad, Chandanagar, Kuthbullapur, 15 degrees in Adilabad, 13.4 degrees in Medak, 13.8 degrees in Patancheruvu, and 17.7 degrees in Ramagundam.

As the days go by, the cold weather is expected to intensify, so it’s a good idea to start taking precautions to stay warm and cozy.

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