Chicken Sales Skyrocket as Telangana Parties Host Lavish Feasts


Hyderabad, Telangana:  With Telangana elections just around the corner, political campaigns are in full swing, and parties are pulling out all the stops to attract voters. In a rather unusual tactic, some parties have resorted to hosting lavish non-veg feasts, leading to a surge in chicken sales across the state.

A prominent party leader from Mancherial has garnered attention for his daily practice of feeding hundreds of people at his residence. This MLA candidate reportedly orders and prepares around 400-500 kg of chicken each day, transforming his house into a makeshift banquet hall.

This extravagant display of generosity is not an isolated incident. Candidates from other constituencies are also following suit, ordering and preparing 100-200 kg of chicken daily to feed their supporters and the general public attending their rallies.

The surge in demand has had a significant impact on the local chicken market. Estimates suggest that up to 2 tonnes of chicken are being sold in Telangana every day, a remarkable increase in consumption.

While these non-veg feasts may seem like a harmless way to woo voters, some critics have raised concerns about the ethical implications of such practices. They argue that these lavish gatherings could potentially induce or influence voters, undermining the integrity of the electoral process.

Moreover, the environmental impact of these feasts cannot be ignored. The production and consumption of meat have a significant carbon footprint, and the disposal of food waste from these events further exacerbates environmental concerns.

As the Telangana elections approach, it remains to be seen whether these non-veg feasts will have a lasting impact on voter behaviour. However, one thing is certain: the demand for chicken in Telangana is soaring, and the poultry industry is reaping the benefits.

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