Tesla to Enter Indian Market in 2024 with Plans for Manufacturing Plant


Hyderabad, India – November 22, 2023 – Electric vehicle (EV) pioneer Tesla is set to make a grand entrance into the Indian market in 2024, paving the way for a potential manufacturing plant within the next two years. This exciting development marks a significant step forward in India’s efforts to embrace sustainable transportation solutions.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Tesla is close to finalizing a deal with the Indian government that would allow the company to bring its American-made EVs to the country. The official announcement of this landmark agreement is expected to take place at the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in January 2024.

The report further indicates that Tesla is considering establishing its EV manufacturing facility in one of three states: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, or Gujarat. These states offer well-established ecosystems for EV production and export, making them attractive locations for Tesla’s expansion plans.

Tesla is expected to make an initial investment of USD 2 billion to establish its presence in India. In addition to importing and manufacturing EVs, the company also intends to produce batteries locally, a move that would significantly reduce production costs.

With its existing factories in the USA, China, and Germany, Tesla is now poised to expand its global footprint to India, a rapidly growing market with a burgeoning demand for EVs. The Indian government’s strong push for EV adoption is expected to further fuel Tesla’s success in the country.

The entry of Tesla into the Indian EV market is expected to have a profound impact on the industry, introducing cutting-edge technology, creating job opportunities, and accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions. This development is a testament to India’s commitment to embracing a greener future.


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