YouTube Crackdown on Ad Blockers Spurs Record Uninstalls


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YouTube: YouTube’s recent efforts to counter ad blockers have backfired, leading to a surge in uninstalls of these extensions. According to AdGuard, a popular ad-blocking company, its Chrome extension has witnessed a daily uninstall rate of over 11,000 since October 9th, compared to the previous 6,000 per day. This spike coincides with YouTube’s implementation of new measures to detect and disable ad blockers.

The backlash against YouTube’s crackdown extends to other ad-blocking companies as well. AdLock, another popular extension, reported a 30% increase in both daily installations and uninstalls in October. Ghostery, another ad-blocking company, experienced a similar trend, with three to five times the daily number of installs and uninstalls. Over 90% of Ghostery users surveyed attributed their uninstalls to the incompatibility of the extension with YouTube.

In response to YouTube’s crackdown, some users have opted to switch browsers. Ghostery reported a 30% increase in Edge browser installations in October compared to September. This shift suggests that users are seeking alternatives to Chrome to circumvent YouTube’s ad-blocking restrictions.

YouTube’s reliance on ad revenue is substantial. In the first nine months of this year, the platform generated nearly $22 billion in advertising sales, accounting for roughly 10% of Google’s total revenue. YouTube content creators typically receive 55% of ad sales for longer videos and 45% for Shorts.

While YouTube’s ad revenue remains strong, the company’s crackdown on ad blockers has ignited user frustration and prompted a shift towards alternative browsers. Premium subscriptions, which are expected to generate $2.7 billion in sales this year, may provide a potential avenue for YouTube to diversify its revenue stream and reduce its dependence on traditional advertising.


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