Popular YouTuber Arrested in Connection with Visakhapatnam Fishing Harbour Fire

Visakhapatnam, Youtube

VISAKHAPATNAM, India – A popular YouTuber and fisherman, Local Boy Nani, has been arrested in connection with a fire that gutted nearly 40 mechanized boats at the Vishakapatnam fishing harbour in the early hours of Monday.

Nani’s involvement in the incident is suspected as he had uploaded a video of the fire on his social media channels, which has since gone viral with over 1.5 million views. In the video, Nani is seen discussing the accident on an emotional note and arguing with the police about the delay in reaching the firefighters at the spot and the damage to hard-earned property.

However, some have criticized Nani for recording the video instead of lending a hand in dousing the fire. Regional broadcast channels have also reported conflicting accounts of the incident.

One channel reported that the fire was started after a clash erupted at a party that Nani had thrown for his friends to celebrate his wife’s baby shower. Upon reaching jetty number one, the fire spread to the other boats.

Another channel reported that Nani sold one of the boats to someone, and as the person couldn’t make his full payment, Nani had to burn the ferry.

Meanwhile, the District Magistrate of Vishakapatnam, Dr. A. Mallikarjuna, has ordered a preliminary enquiry and asked for a detailed report on the lost property within 2 days.

The Andhra Pradesh government has also said that the fishermen whose boats were damaged would be compensated with 80 per cent of the boat value.

Nani is currently under police custody and further investigation is ongoing.

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