Vardhan Puri Signs on to ‘Dashmi’ After Hearing Climax

Vardhan Puri

Vardhan Puri, the grandson of cinema legend Amrish Puri, is awaiting the release of his upcoming film, ‘Dashmi’. In a recent interview, Puri revealed that he was sold on the film’s climax and gave his nod to the project the moment he heard it.

“When I heard the last 15 minutes of the film, I immediately told Shantanu sir [the director] that I do not know anything about the project apart from the climax,” Puri said. “But just on the basis of his narration that completely shook me up, I said that I would like to submit to his vision.”

Puri described the film’s subject matter as “very close” to his heart, and said that it had “moved,” “challenged,” and given him the opportunity to “prove his mettle and expand his horizons as an actor.”

‘Dashmi’ is a true story, and Puri said that the film was “emotionally challenging” to make. “It’s a film that has been an emotionally challenging ride and is something which was very difficult to make because it’s based on a true story,” he said. “I truly believe that the sincerity, honesty and emotional impact of the film are going to be cherished by the audiences in the times to come.”

Puri also praised the film’s concept, calling it “the real hero” of ‘Dashmi’. “Kudos to Shantanu for thinking of something so extraordinary and treating it like how a film should be treated when its being made commercially for audiences to enjoy,” he said.

‘Dashmi’ is currently in the post-production stage and is scheduled to be released on January 12, 2024. Puri is excited about the release of his first film of next year, and hopes that audiences will cherish the film’s emotional impact.

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