Priyanka Chopra Talks Action Films, Injuries on ‘The Bluff’

Priyanka Chopra Talks Action Films, Injuries on 'The Bluff'

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Priyanka Chopra Says Doing Action Movies is ‘Glamorous’; Shares Her Injuries, Blood-Stained Videos

Priyanka Chopra is currently filming a highly anticipated action movie called The Bluff. During the shoot, she has suffered some injuries but is taking it all in stride, saying it’s just part of the job. In a video she shared, Priyanka smiled and said, “Yeah, when you do action movies, it’s really glamorous. Another day at the office.”


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A few days ago, Priyanka posted a picture on her Instagram Stories showing a cut on her neck. The cut doesn’t seem deep, but it looks painful.

Priyanka has been filming The Bluff in Australia for a few days now. She is working with Karl Urban on this film, which will be available on Prime Video. The movie is directed by Frank E. Flowers, who is known for co-writing the successful film Bob Marley: One Love, which made over $120 million worldwide.

The Bluff is set in the 19th-century Caribbean and tells the story of a former female pirate. Priyanka will play the role of this pirate, who goes on a journey to protect her family when her past catches up with her. The film’s production team includes Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Angela Russo-Otstot, and Michael Disco from AGBO; and Cisely Saldana and Mariel Saldana from Cinestar Pictures.

Despite her busy schedule, Priyanka is also spending time with her daughter, Malti. She has posted pictures of Malti on set and shared moments of them enjoying the beach. Recently, Priyanka also celebrated her mother, Dr. Madhu Chopra’s birthday in Australia.

In addition to The Bluff, Priyanka has several other Hollywood projects in the works, including Head of State with John Cena and Citadel 2. She will also be returning to Bollywood with the much-anticipated movie Jee Le Zara, co-starring Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif.

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