Tollywood Cameraman Cheated in Marriage Scam

Tollywood Cameraman Cheated in Marriage Scam

Tollywood Camera Assistant in Hyderabad Falls Victim of Alleged Marriage Scam

P. Nagarjuna Babu, a 35-year-old camera assistant working in Tollywood, reportedly became the target of a cunning scam. Babu befriended a woman producer during a film shoot.

According to police reports, Babu, trusting the woman, revealed personal details and even shared his bank credentials. Following the shoot’s completion, the woman, under the pretense of being divorced, invited Babu to her residence and proposed marriage.

The couple then allegedly held a secret wedding ceremony at a Chilkur temple. However, this is where the story takes a turn. The woman, after the marriage, began extracting money from Babu under various excuses, amassing a total of Rs. 18.7 lakh. Babu eventually grew suspicious and upon investigation, discovered the woman was not only already married twice but also had children.

Babu, outraged by the betrayal, filed a complaint at the Film Nagar police station. The authorities launched an investigation and reportedly found similar cases registered against the woman in Narsingi, Kukatpally, and Andhra Pradesh.


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