Telangana Opinion Poll: BRS Leading with Comfortable Margin


Telangana Opinion Poll: A recent opinion poll by the Sri Atmasakshi (SAS) Group has predicted that the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is all set to secure a comfortable victory in the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections.

The survey says that the BRS is leading with a 42.5 percent vote share, while the Congress is likely to secure 36.5 percent and the BJP could get a 10.75 percent share.

This is the third survey conducted by the SAS Group in different time frames. The first survey was conducted from July 18 to August 17, followed by the second survey between August 21 and October 30. The third survey was conducted from October 2 to 28.

The survey was conducted in 110 Assembly constituencies by collecting 2,65,000 samples with 820 enumerators assigned to collect the samples. On an average, 2400 samples were collected from each constituency.

Compared to the 2018 results, the organisation’s survey noticed that there was a decline of 4.3 percent in BRS vote share. Yet, the BRS was leading ahead of the Congress and BJP.

Ahead of the 2018 elections, the SAS group had predicted that BRS (then TRS) would win 85 to 89 seats and the party had won 88 seats. Similarly, it had said the Congress would secure 19 to 20 seats and the party won 19 seats. BJP was expected to win one seat and it won only one seat.

In the recent Karnataka elections too, the organisation’s survey had estimated that the BJP would win 83 to 84 seats and it ended up winning 66 seats. Similarly, the Congress was expected to win 117 to 124 seats and it won 135 seats. The JD (S) was predicted to win 23 to 30 seats and ended up winning 19 seats.

The SAS Group is known for its near accurate predictions and its survey on the Telangana Assembly elections is likely to be closely watched by all political parties.

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