Static Surveillance Teams in Hyderabad Gear Up for Poll Duty

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Static Surveillance Teams (SSTs) in Hyderabad underwent training on Monday in preparation for their deployment across all constituencies from November 3. The teams will be working round the clock in three shifts to monitor election-related activities and prevent illegal spending and other violations.

MCC Nodal Officer and EVDM Director Prakash Reddy urged SST officers to be respectful toward citizens while conducting inspections. He also reminded them that their vehicles will be equipped with GPS tracking and CCTV cameras, and that all officers are required to register their names and locations on video while reporting to duty.

Reddy further asked officers to submit the cash and other items seized to the Returning Officers through SHOs, making sure that receipts are provided. As SST teams will record all the places and objects seized, anyone who is in the recording will be given a copy at a fixed fee.

Additional CP Vikram Singh Mann informed SST officers that gatherings and meetings are banned 48 hours before polling. He asked them to report any information about the presence of cash in someone’s house to Income Tax officials, but cautioned them against entering the premises themselves.

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