Mother-Daughter Duo Foils Chain Snatchers in Hyderabad

Mother-Daughter Duo Foils Chain Snatchers in Hyderabad


Brave Mother-Daughter Duo Foils Robbery Attempt in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: In a courageous act of self-defense, a mother and her daughter fought off two chain snatchers in Pahadishareef, Hyderabad, ultimately forcing the robbers to flee and abandon their bike.

The incident occurred during a morning walk when G Kalpana (32) from Mankhal village, along with her daughter Laxmi Prasanna and other local children, was suddenly attacked. One of the robbers threw chilli water on Kalpana’s face and snatched her gold chain.

“He was standing on the pavement. I got off the pavement to avoid him, but he caught hold of me and pulled me into the bushes. He snatched the gold chain from my neck,” Kalpana recounted to Telangana Today.

Despite the shock, Kalpana quickly regained her composure and managed to grab the robber, preventing his escape. The situation escalated when the robber’s accomplice joined the attack, and both men began hitting Kalpana. Her daughter Laxmi came to her aid, and together, they fiercely resisted.

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“They kept hitting me, but I held on to their bike handle and stopped them from escaping. The vehicle fell, and seeing passersby stopping, the robbers jumped over a fence and fled, leaving their bike behind,” Kalpana said.

Both Kalpana and her daughter sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital, where they received stitches. They then reported the incident to the Pahadishareef police station. A special police team was able to arrest the suspects, Shamsheer Singh and Dandla Babu, shortly after.

“Shamsheer and Babu had been involved in several property offences and arrested too. The Sangareddy police had also invoked the PD Act against them,” Maheshwaram Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) D Sunitha Reddy stated.

The bravery displayed by Kalpana and her daughter not only led to the arrest of two notorious criminals but also highlighted the importance of community vigilance and the willingness to stand up against crime.