Karimnagar: Police Seize ₹6.65 Crore

Karimnagar Police Seize ₹6.65 Crore

Police Seize Rs 6.65 Crore from Karimnagar Multiplex

Karimnagar police conducted a raid on Prathima multiplex early on Saturday morning, reportedly seizing Rs 6.65 crore in unaccounted cash.

Acting on a tip-off, police entered the multiplex around 1:30 am and carried out a search operation. The multiplex is owned by relatives of BRS leader and former MP B Vinod Kumar, who is also known to use the multiplex for political activities.

The timing of the raid, just hours before the announcement of Parliament election polls, has raised questions.

According to Karimnagar Town Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Narender, they received credible information about hidden cash and seized the money based on that tip. The seized amount will be presented in court, and if the source of income is not established, the money will be withheld.

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