Hyderabad’s Tech Community Mourns After Three Tragic Suicides

Manipal Student Suicide Shock

Hyderabad (18 Oct) – In a somber sequence of events, the city of Hyderabad witnessed three separate incidents of suicide involving tech professionals on Tuesday. The heart-wrenching incidents have sent shockwaves through the tech community and beyond.

The first tragedy unfolded in My Home Bhooja, where 43-year-old techie Vishnu Vardhan, originally hailing from Guntur, took his own life at his residence. Vishnu had recently relocated to Hyderabad, where he was employed by a software company in Australia. He had been living alone in his flat for the past four months. Concerned friends, unable to reach him, decided to visit his apartment. Upon receiving no response, they resorted to breaking open the door, only to discover Vishnu Vardhan’s lifeless body. No suicide note was found, leaving behind a shroud of mystery surrounding his tragic end.

In another devastating incident, 26-year-old software engineer N. Venkata Sai ended his life at his rented apartment in Century Apartments, Asifnagar. At the time of the incident, he was alone, as his sister, N. Ramya, a first-year B.Tech student who typically shared the apartment, was away in her native place in Nalgonda district celebrating a festival. Ramya returned home, concerned by her brother’s unresponsiveness, and attempted to contact him. Worried for his safety, she reached out to his friends, who decided to break into Venkata Sai’s apartment. The grim discovery of his lifeless body further deepened the sense of loss and tragedy.

The third incident unfolded at a hostel room in Gowlidoddi, where another 26-year-old software engineer, I. Gandam, took his own life. His friends were asleep when the incident occurred. The hostel management, upon discovering the tragedy, promptly alerted the police, who, in turn, informed Gandam’s grieving parents in Krishna district. Once again, no suicide note was discovered, but authorities suspect a failed romantic relationship might be connected to this heartbreaking incident.

These tragic suicides have brought attention to the emotional and mental health challenges faced by individuals working in the tech industry. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of support and awareness concerning mental well-being, both in the workplace and within our communities. Our hearts go out to the families and friends affected by these devastating losses, and we hope this serves as an opportunity to open a conversation on mental health within the tech sector and beyond.

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