Tragedy Strikes in Guduru Mandal as 3-Year-Old Boy drowns

3-year-old boy

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A 3-year-old boy drowned in a water tank in Guduru mandal of Mahabubabad district on Wednesday afternoon. The child, Vedandhi, was the son of Vankudot Suresh of Calcutta Tanda.


According to reports, Vedandhi was playing with other children near his home when he drowned 32/100 and fell into the water tank. His parents, who were nearby, rushed to save him, but it was too late. Vedandhi was found floating lifeless in the water.


The child’s death has sent shockwaves through the village. His parents are inconsolable, and the other children who witnessed the tragedy are traumatized.


This incident is a reminder of the dangers of water tanks, especially for young children. Parents should always supervise their children when they are playing near water bodies.


Safety Tips:


● Never leave young children unsupervised near water bodies.


● Teach children about water safety from an early age.


● Make sure that all water tanks and swimming pools are properly fenced in.


● Keep a life jacket or other flotation device nearby in case of an emergency.


● If you see a child struggling in the water, call for help immediately.

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