Hyderabad: The New IT Capital of India?

Hyderabad: The New IT Capital of India?

Hyderabad Poses Challenge to Bengaluru’s IT Hub Status: Former Infosys CEO

In a surprising turn of events, former Infosys CEO and Chairman of Manipal Global Education, TV Mohandas Pai, suggested on Wednesday that Hyderabad could potentially replace Bengaluru as the “Information Technology capital of India.” Pai, in his statement, criticized the successive governments of Karnataka for their ‘neglect’ and warned the Karnataka government about the impending shift.

Expressing his concerns on a social media platform, Pai hoped for a more proactive approach from the Karnataka government, particularly under the leadership of Siddaramaiah from the Congress party.

Responding to Pai’s post, many users echoed his sentiments, agreeing that it might indeed dethrone Bengaluru as the country’s IT capital. Several comments commended Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao for his role in elevating Hyderabad’s status as a burgeoning IT powerhouse.

One user, with the handle @vigytweets, remarked, “If BRS Wins definitely… if Congress wins in Telangana, Hyderabad will be gone to dogs in real estate and IT growth. The current Hyderabad growth and planning is because of KTR. BJP is nowhere in race in Telangana so no use of talking about them.

Another user, @RaviGAk, expressed the likelihood of this shift, stating, “In all probabilities, it is going to happen. Unless the government thinks innovatively and acts at lightning speed.”


Expressing a desire for similar IT growth in every state, user @ShivaRa51310785 commented, “I wish there is one such Hyderabad in every state. This is something to be celebrated and proud.”

Meanwhile, a user identified as @thereal_ravan criticized the successive Karnataka governments as corrupt, saying, “Being a proud Bengalurean!! I admit Our corrupt Govts have messed up this amazing city!! HYD will grow & is growing rapidly, no doubt! One day HYD will dethrone BLR for sure, its a harsh FACT! My hope is, BLR shud be a union territory & b saved from these corrupt politicians!”

Summing up the sentiment, @Sumita61 noted, “Bangalore has already been dethroned by Hyderabad in the hardware space.”

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