Hyderabad Police Bust Flesh Trade Ring

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Hyderabad Police Crack Down on Flesh Trade Ring, Rescue Women, and Apprehend Organizers

In a significant operation, the Gudimalkapur police in Hyderabad successfully dismantled a flesh trade racket operating out of a residential area in Gudimalkapur. The crackdown, carried out on Wednesday, led to the apprehension of Zakia Athuman (25), identified as the mastermind behind the illicit enterprise, along with three clients. Additionally, two women from different states, who were victims of the flesh trade, were rescued from the premises.

According to police reports, the suspects were clandestinely running the flesh trade from a rented flat, luring women under the pretext of job opportunities.

Acting on a tip-off, law enforcement officers conducted a raid, resulting in the arrest of the perpetrators and the subsequent rescue of the trafficked women. The rescued individuals have been transferred to a designated rescue home for necessary rehabilitation and support.


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