Cyclone Michaung Weakens, Hyderabad Rains to Subside

Cyclone Michaung Weakens, Hyderabad Rains to Subside

Hyderabad breathes a sigh of relief as Cyclone Michaung weakens

Good news for Hyderabadis! Cyclone Michaung, which had everyone on edge, has lost its sting. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has downgraded the storm from a severe cyclonic storm to a mere depression, meaning its impact on the city will fizzle out soon.

That translates to no more worries about heavy downpours. The sporadic but intense showers that kept us on our toes are expected to become a distant memory. So, put away those umbrellas and raincoats – you won’t be needing them anymore.

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Of course, things won’t be completely sunny just yet. There might still be some early morning haze and partly cloudy skies, but that’s just Michaung’s way of saying goodbye.

And the best part? Temperatures are expected to remain pleasantly stable over the next four days. Daytime highs will be a comfortable 28°C to 31°C, while nights will be cool and cozy at 18°C to 21°C.

So, Hyderabad, it’s time to relax, step out, and enjoy the (mostly) clear skies! Just remember, Michaung might have left, but winter is on its way, so keep those jackets handy.

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