AI to Help Solve Parking Problems in Telangana

AI to Help Solve Parking Problems in Telangana

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AI Solutions to Revolutionize Parking in Telangana: Minister’s Initiative to Tackle Urban Traffic Issues

Hyderabad: Soon, Artificial Intelligence (AI) might help you find parking in Hyderabad and across Telangana.

IT Minister D Sridhar Babu has asked the IT department’s engineers to create plans using AI to solve parking problems. This follows Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy’s request for solutions to traffic and parking issues in cities.

AI can offer many solutions to these problems. With limited space, the Minister suggested building more multi-level parking lots. He said this after seeing a presentation by a private company at the Secretariat on Saturday.

A statement from the Minister’s office mentioned that the use of personal vehicles has increased significantly. In Hyderabad alone, there are 1.4 million cars, 70,000 cabs, and 100,000 auto rickshaws.

Parking has become a big issue, especially on roadsides and in shopping areas. “Using AI, we should identify busy areas and develop apps to let people book parking spots in advance,” said Sridhar Babu. He also mentioned consulting companies that develop AI solutions for this.

Many countries already use AI to solve parking issues. The Minister suggested studying these services to introduce similar ones that meet local needs.


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