Tragic Stampede Kills 50+ at India Religious Event

Tragic Stampede Kills 50+ at India Religious Event

Image Source: BBC

Deadly Stampede at India Religious Event Leaves Over 50 Dead: What Happened?

More than 50 people have died in a tragic incident at a religious gathering in northern India. The event, known as a satsang, happened in Hathras district, Uttar Pradesh.

Officials say the disaster occurred when people were leaving the gathering in Mughalgarhi village. Witnesses described chaos as screams erupted and people fell over each other, resulting in many being crushed to death.

The victims, including many women and some children, are still being identified. Survivors shared harrowing accounts of the stampede-like situation as they tried to escape.

Rescue efforts were challenging, with injured individuals being rushed to hospitals in makeshift vehicles like pick-up trucks and motorbikes. Distressing scenes showed bodies piled up at hospital entrances, while distraught relatives cried out for help.

Authorities mentioned that the venue was overcrowded, and a committee had been formed to investigate the incident thoroughly. Medical procedures and investigations are ongoing.

Tragically, such accidents are not uncommon at large religious gatherings in India, where safety measures can be overlooked in crowded spaces. The community in Hathras is overwhelmed with grief and struggling to cope with the aftermath of this devastating event.


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