SC Categorization Panel Will Not Delay Sub-Categorization Issue: Kishan Reddy

SC Categorization: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad: State BJP President G Kishan Reddy on Monday clarified that the special task force announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the issue of sub-categorization of Scheduled Castes was not intended to delay the process but rather to expedite it.

Responding to criticism from various political parties, Reddy asserted that the task force differed from a commission or committee. He emphasized that the Supreme Court would closely monitor the task force’s progress, ensuring swift action on this long-pending matter.

Reddy attributed the delay in resolving the SC categorization issue to the inaction of the previous Congress government. Despite the recommendations of the Justice Usha Mehra Commission, constituted by the UPA government, the Congress did not take any concrete steps towards sub-categorization.

He expressed confidence that the special task force, under the watchful eye of the Supreme Court, would effectively address the concerns of the Scheduled Castes and ensure their equitable representation.

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