Rajanna Siricilla: Farmers Protest

Rajanna Siricilla Farmers Protest

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Rajanna Siricilla Farmers Protest: Fire Set in Fields Over Water Scarcity

RAJANNA SIRICILLA, Telangana – In a concerning development, farmers in Pedda Lingapuram village, Manakondur Constituency of Rajanna Siricilla district, Telangana, resorted to a unique form of protest. Upset about what they claim is water mismanagement, the farmers reportedly set fire to their fields.

The village, which boasts two irrigation projects, witnessed this unusual protest as farmers expressed their frustration over dried-up crops. While the specific details of the burnt material are unclear, reports suggest it may have been dry crop residue or some form of agricultural waste set alight to symbolize the withering crops.

The farmers allege that despite having two irrigation projects in the vicinity, their fields haven’t received adequate water for their crops. This lack of water has led to their crops drying up, causing significant financial losses.

Further details regarding the specific projects, the crops affected, and the extent of the protest are awaited. However, this incident highlights the critical issue of water management faced by farmers across India.

Efforts are being made to reach out to the concerned authorities and farmer representatives for comment on the situation. This article will be updated with further information as it becomes available.

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