Pub Raid Videos Spark Controversy


Raid Videos Spark Debate: Police Deny Sharing, Clarify Reasons for Internal Recordings

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad: In the wake of circulating videos from Sunday’s pub raids in Jubilee Hills, aimed at curbing drug use, the Hyderabad police have distanced themselves from their dissemination. Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Joel Davis clarified that the videos were not shared by the police but likely recorded and shared by bystanders and pub patrons themselves.

He stated, “The videos circulating online were not uploaded by the police. We believe private individuals filmed the raids and possibly shared them on social media platforms. We even observed patrons recording the police operation.”

An official from the Jubilee Hills police station further clarified that while constables did record footage for internal documentation, these recordings were not shared with anyone outside the department. He added, “The pubs are public establishments, and anyone can visit them. We have no authority to prevent people from filming inside, even during police operations.”

This explanation comes amidst concerns about privacy and potential leaks from within the police department. However, the police maintain that the circulating videos originated from external sources and were not officially released.

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