PM Modi Seeks Input for ‘Viksit Bharat’

PM Modi Seeks Input for 'Viksit Bharat'

“PM Modi Seeks Public Input for ‘Viksit Bharat’ Agenda: Your Chance to Shape India’s Future!”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is asking for your help! He’s looking for ideas to shape his plan for a “Developed India.” In a letter addressed to “my dear family members,” he’s reaching out for suggestions on how to make India better.

PM Modi is aiming for his third term in office and hopes to win over 400 seats in the upcoming elections. He believes that with your support, his government can achieve great things.

He’s proud of the changes his government has made over the last decade, like providing pucca houses, electricity, water, and medical care to millions of people. He also mentions important decisions like implementing GST and abolishing Article 370.

PM Modi says that your trust and support have been crucial for his government’s success. He believes that democracy is about public participation, and he’s asking for your input to help build a better India.

what is the “Viksit Bharat” agenda

The “Viksit Bharat” agenda is a visionary initiative by the Indian government aimed at transforming India into a developed nation by 2047, coinciding with the 100th year of India’s independence. This agenda encompasses various aspects of development, including economic growth, environmental sustainability, social progress, and good governance. It focuses on creating a prosperous India with modern infrastructure, environmental preservation, social inclusivity, and effective governance.

The agenda seeks to empower individuals, improve capabilities, and ensure the well-being of all citizens. To achieve the goals of “Viksit Bharat,” the government is engaging in extensive consultations, action planning, and setting a 100-day agenda for swift implementation after the formation of the new government in May 2024.


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