Pakistan Demands Return of Children in Love Case

Pakistan Demands Return of Children in Love Case

Pakistan Seeks Return of Children in Cross-Border Love Case

Pakistan has made a strong appeal to India for the return of four children who traveled illegally across the border in 2023. The children, whose ages have not been disclosed, are part of a complex cross-border romance that has garnered significant media attention.

Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman from Sindh province, left her home in Karachi last year with her four children. They reportedly traveled via Nepal to be with Haider’s lover, Sachin Meena, an Indian national residing in Greater Noida. The family’s situation came to light in July 2023 when Indian authorities located them.

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According to Pakistani officials, Haider’s first husband has filed a legal case seeking the return of the children. The urgency of the request stems from their status as minors and concerns about their well-being outside the legal framework.

The situation is further complicated by Haider’s current marital status. News reports indicate she is expecting a child with Meena, potentially adding another layer to the ongoing legal dispute.

Officials in Pakistan have emphasized the need for a swift resolution through established legal channels. They are urging Indian authorities to consider the welfare of the children and facilitate their safe return to Pakistan.

The development comes amidst ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan. It remains to be seen how this case will be handled on a diplomatic level and if any bilateral agreements regarding child custody will be invoked.