Orbo AI: Rs 1 Cr Deal with Vineeta Singh

Orbo AI Rs 1 Cr Deal with Vineeta Singh

Image Credit: Telangana Today

Orbo AI Strikes Rs 1 Crore Deal on Shark Tank India 3 with Vineeta Singh: Transforming Cosmetics Industry with Cutting-Edge Tech

In the latest episode of “Shark Tank India” season 3, a company called Orbo, which uses fancy tech like artificial intelligence and augmented reality, scored a big deal worth Rs 1 crore with Vineeta Singh.

Orbo is all about changing how we shop for cosmetics by using cool tech stuff. With their Beauty AI, you can try on makeup virtually without leaving your home.

Orbo’s team, including Manoj Shinde, Danish Jamil, and Abhit Sinha, went on the show to get expert advice and funding to make their idea even better. They asked the “sharks” for Rs 1 crore in exchange for a tiny bit of their company.

Started in 2019, Orbo has been shaking up the cosmetics industry with their high-tech solutions. They offer things like virtual makeup try-ons, skin analysis, and even help you find the right foundation shade.

During the show, Vineeta Singh, who runs Sugar Cosmetics, was impressed by Orbo’s tech and decided to invest Rs 1 crore in exchange for a small part of the company.

Manoj Shinde, Orbo’s CEO, said being on “Shark Tank India 3″ was a huge opportunity for them. It’s not just about getting money; it’s about showing how AI can make people feel more beautiful.

The show “Shark Tank India 3” airs on Sony LIV, where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to potential investors.


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