Nine Killed in Fire at RJ Shopping Mall in Karachi


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Nine Killed in Fire at RJ Shopping Mall in Karachi

A devastating fire engulfed the RJ shopping mall in Karachi, Pakistan, on Saturday morning, claiming the lives of at least nine people and injuring 22 others. The blaze broke out at around 6:30 a.m., sending panic-stricken shoppers and employees scrambling for safety.

Firefighters battled the inferno for hours, utilizing eight fire tenders, two snorkels, and two bowsers to extinguish the flames. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials believe it may have originated from an electrical short circuit.

Karachi Mayor Murtaza Wahab expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and vowed to hold those responsible accountable. “This tragic incident has left us deeply saddened,” he stated. “We are committed to ensuring that such a catastrophe never happens again.”

The fire has sparked renewed concerns about the safety standards of public buildings in Pakistan. Many malls and shopping centers lack adequate fire safety measures, putting the lives of occupants at risk. Authorities have urged building owners to conduct thorough fire safety inspections and implement necessary safety protocols to prevent future tragedies.


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