Nalgonda Hospital Superintendent Bribe

Nalgonda Hospital Superintendent Bribe

Nalgonda Hospital Superintendent Caught Accepting Rs. 3 Lakh Bribe: ACB Investigation Underway

Dr. Lavudya Lachu, the Superintendent of the Government General Hospital in Nalgonda, was apprehended by officials from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in Hyderabad. The ACB caught him in the act of accepting a bribe amounting to Rs. 3 lakhs from a complainant named Rapolu Venkanna. This unlawful transaction took place at Dr. Lachu’s residence.

The ACB, acting on information or perhaps a complaint, swiftly moved to arrest Dr. Lachu. They conducted a raid at his home and apprehended him red-handed while he was accepting the bribe from Mr. Venkanna. The authorities managed to recover the entire amount of Rs. 3 lakhs during the operation.

Following the arrest and seizure of the bribe money, the ACB has initiated an investigation into the matter. The purpose of this investigation is to uncover the full extent of the corruption and to gather evidence against Dr. Lachu. It will also involve determining whether there were any other individuals involved in this illicit activity.

Corruption within the healthcare system, especially among those in positions of authority like hospital superintendents, is a serious issue that undermines public trust and affects the quality of healthcare services provided to citizens. The ACB’s prompt action in apprehending Dr. Lachu sends a strong message that corrupt practices will not be tolerated, and those found guilty will be held accountable under the law.



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