MP’s Daughter Hits Man with BMW, Gets Bail

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MP’s Daughter Drives BMW Over Sleeping Man, Gets Bail

Madhuri, the daughter of Rajya Sabha MP Beeda Masthan Rao of the YSR Congress Party, was involved in a tragic accident in Chennai.

Less than a month after a high-profile accident in Pune, Madhuri allegedly drove her BMW over a man sleeping on a pavement in Besant Nagar, Chennai. The man, 24-year-old Surya, a painter, died from his injuries. Madhuri has since been granted bail.

The incident occurred on Monday night while Madhuri was driving with a female friend. After the accident, Madhuri’s friend got out of the car and argued with the gathered crowd but left shortly after. Bystanders took Surya to the hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries.

Surya had been married for just eight months. His relatives and neighbors gathered at the J-5 Shastri Nagar Police Station, demanding justice. The police reviewed CCTV footage and found that the car belonged to the BMR (Beeda Masthan Rao) Group and was registered in Puducherry. Madhuri was arrested but was released on bail at the police station.

Beeda Masthan Rao, Madhuri’s father, became a Rajya Sabha MP in 2022 and has also served as an MLA. The BMR Group is well-known in the seafood industry.


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