Kamareddy Doctors Back: Suspensions Lifted After Protests

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Relief for Kamareddy Doctors: Suspension Orders Revoked After Protests

Hyderabad, February 16, 2024: The Telangana government has revoked the suspension orders issued against two senior doctors and a nurse at the Kamareddy Government Medical College and General Hospital. This comes after widespread protests from the Telangana Teachers Government Doctors Association (TTGDA) against the initial decision.

Last week, a patient recovering in the hospital’s ICU was bitten by a rat, leading to the suspension of Dr. Vasanth Kumar (Associate Professor, General Medicine), Dr. Kavya (Assistant Professor, General Medicine), and G Manjula (Nursing Officer). However, the TTGDA argued that holding medical professionals accountable for infrastructure issues like sanitation was unfair and unreasonable.

Following the association’s protests, including threats of a “Chalo DME” program and potential statewide agitation, the state government reconsidered its stance. As per orders issued by Director of Medical Education (DME) Dr. Triveni today, the suspensions have been lifted with immediate effect.

Doctors Welcome Decision:

The TTGDA expressed its gratitude to the government for reversing the suspension orders. General Secretary Dr. J Tirupathi Rao emphasized that doctors cannot be held responsible for hospital upkeep issues like sanitation, which fall under the purview of designated agencies and administrative staff.

This development likely offers relief to the suspended medical professionals and underscores the crucial role of doctor-government dialogue in addressing concerns within the healthcare system. While the specific reasons for the government’s change of heart remain unknown, it appears the TTGDA’s strong stance played a significant role in influencing the decision.


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