Jubilee Hills Food Safety: Expired Food, Hygiene Woes

Jubilee Hills Food Safety: Expired Food, Hygiene Woes

Food Safety Inspections in Jubilee Hills Uncover Expired Food and Hygiene Issues


Inspections by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) at popular Jubilee Hills establishments like 36 Downtown Brew Pub and Makau Kitchen & Bar revealed concerning violations.

The task force found expired food items, improper storage practices, and hygiene concerns during their inspections on Wednesday.

Expired Food:

At 36 Downtown Brew Pub, expired food products like chicken, mushrooms, sauces, and seasonings worth ₹4,000 were discarded.
Makau Kitchen & Bar also had to throw away expired food items valued at ₹4,970.
Storage Issues:

Unlabeled, semi-prepared food items were found stored in refrigerators at 36 Downtown Brew Pub.
Hygiene Concerns:

Open, uncovered garbage bins were observed at 36 Downtown Brew Pub.
Food handlers at the pub lacked the required medical fitness certificates.
Cockroaches were spotted in the store area of Makau Kitchen & Bar.
Naturals Ice Cream was cited for improper labeling and failing to display their FSSAI license during the inspection.

Strict warnings were issued by the authorities, and follow-up inspections are expected to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.


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