JEE Main 2024: Unfair Percentiles? Aspirants Outraged!

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JEE Main 2024: Aspirants Cry Foul Over Inconsistent Percentiles Across Sessions

Hyderabad: Candidates who took the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2024 session-1 are raising concerns about disparities in percentile calculations across the exam’s 10 sessions held between January 27th and February 2nd. They allege inconsistent marking and percentile allocation by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

The Glaring Issue:

Aspirants point to significant variations in percentiles achieved for the same marks scored in different sessions. For instance, the 99th percentile mark differed by a staggering 82 points (233 vs. 151) between sessions on January 27th and January 31st. This translates to a candidate scoring 120 marks on January 31st receiving a much higher percentile (93%) compared to someone scoring the same 120 marks on January 27th (90%).

Suspected Cause:

Students suspect these discrepancies stem from the uneven distribution of test-takers across sessions. They argue this disadvantageous placement unfairly lowers their chances of qualifying for JEE Advanced, which uses JEE Main percentiles as an eligibility criterion.

Demands and Frustrations:

Aspirants are demanding transparency and corrective action from the NTA. They express disappointment, with some feeling that “JEE Main is reduced to a matter of luck instead of talent” (Keerthana, an aspirant). The lack of official response from the NTA further fuels their frustration.

Overall Impact:

These inconsistencies raise concerns about the fairness and standardization of the JEE Main process. This issue requires immediate attention from the NTA to ensure equal opportunity and merit-based selection for all aspirants, regardless of the session they were assigned to.

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