Illegal Liquor Raid: 197 Bottles Seized

Illegal Liquor Raid 197 Bottles Seized

Cyberabad Special Ops Raid: 197 Illegal Liquor Bottles Seized in Crackdown

A special police team in Cyberabad raided some shops that were selling alcohol illegally. They seized a total of 197 bottles of liquor. This happened after they got a tip-off about these shops operating unlawfully in areas like Chandanagar, Attapur, Rajendranagar, Chevella, Shankarpally, Chowdarigudem, and Moinabad.

The value of the confiscated goods is estimated to be around Rs 1.34 lakh. Officials from the Cyberabad Special Operations Team mentioned that the shopkeepers were breaking the law by selling alcohol without proper permits, just to make money.

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