Hyderabad Tragedy: Mother-Son Suicide

Hyderabad: Double Suicide - Housewife & Singer

Mother and Son Found Dead in Hyderabad Home Amid Financial Struggles

A sad incident happened in Malkajgiri, Hyderabad. A woman named Swaroopa, aged 65, and her son Srikanth, aged 35, were found dead in their home. They lived in Patel Nagar.

It seems they were really worried about money issues and ended their lives, the police think. Their bodies were found hanging from ceiling fans in different rooms of the house.

Neighbors got worried when they didn’t see Swaroopa and Srikanth for a few days. They noticed a strange smell coming from their house and called the police on Tuesday.

The police arrived and took the bodies to the Gandhi Hospital morgue. It’s believed they passed away on either Saturday or Sunday.

Now, the police are talking to the family to learn more about what happened. It’s a very sad situation for everyone involved.

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