Hyderabad Malls: Security Lapses Put Visitors at Risk

Hyderabad Malls: Security Lapses Put Visitors at Risk

Hyderabad Malls, Eateries Ignoring Security Guidelines, Leaving Visitors Vulnerable

Despite established guidelines and a recent incident in another city, many popular establishments in Hyderabad are failing to implement proper security measures, putting visitors at risk.

The recent bomb blast at a Bengaluru eatery serves as a stark reminder of the importance of security, yet numerous malls, multiplexes, and eateries in Hyderabad appear to be disregarding established safety protocols.

A closer look at popular spots reveals concerning oversights:

Tolichowki’s Yusuf Tekri: This bustling street with numerous eateries lacks basic measures like walk-through metal detectors or security personnel using handheld devices, despite the heavy evening footfall.
DLF stretch at Madhapur and Durgam Cheruvu: These crowded areas also lack security measures beyond occasional police patrols. The functionality of surveillance cameras remains unclear.
Old City hotels: While these establishments have cameras, they lack physical access control, allowing individuals with potentially malicious intent to enter freely.
The Telangana Public Safety (Measures) Enforcement Act – 2013 mandates physical and technical access control for such establishments. While police can take action against violators, a former officer highlights the current focus on surveillance over preventative measures.

A senior police official has assured that local authorities will address the security concerns and take appropriate action.