Hyderabad Debates Kumari Aunty’s Stall Relocation

Kumari Aunty

“Kumari Aunty’s Stall Controversy Sparks Hyderabad Debate”

Hyderabad is buzzing with discussions as Kumari Aunty, the popular Instagram figure known for her food stall, is asked to move from the crowded ITC Kohenur lane in Madhapur due to traffic issues. People in the city are expressing their opinions on Reddit and other social media platforms. Some feel it’s necessary for public safety, while others think Kumari Aunty is facing unfair treatment because of her sudden rise in fame.

In a Reddit group focused on Hyderabad, a post about Kumari Aunty’s stall closure sparked a conversation. One person suggested, “Let’s keep roads for vehicles and footpaths for pedestrians.”

Your views on kumari aunty’s shop closing down??
byu/onlyvishnu inhyderabad

A frustrated Reddit user shared, “Regardless of the food quality, that whole area is chaotic. People park anywhere they want. I witnessed it on a Saturday evening, with two lanes on the left and one lane by the divider filled with cars. When I honked, people started abusing me.”

Others blamed food vloggers for creating the problem and called for a ban on them. One user commented, “Food vloggers seem to be causing these issues. Many people fail to understand that such situations arise when people are not responsible.”

Reflecting on the situation, a user wrote, “Whether it’s colleagues, relatives, or neighbors, they often can’t see if you’re happy enough.” Another added, “Too much fame in a short time is never good.” In a light-hearted tone, someone joked, “Maybe ITC didn’t like the view from the balcony.”

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