Gaganyaan Mission: Cryogenic Engine Cleared for Liftoff

 Gaganyaan Mission

Gaganyaan Mission: India Takes a Giant Leap Towards Human Spaceflight: LVM3 Rocket’s Cryogenic Engine Aces Tests!

Exciting news from India’s space agency, ISRO! The much-anticipated CE20 cryogenic engine, slated to power the LVM3 rocket for India’s Gaganyaan human space mission, has successfully completed its final round of ground tests. This marks a critical milestone as the nation edges closer to sending its first astronauts to space.

Cleared for Launch?

The CE20 engine underwent a rigorous testing regime, including simulating vacuum conditions it will experience during actual flight. These tests covered everything from performance under various thrust levels to resilience under unexpected circumstances. With all ground hurdles cleared, the engine is now on track for integration with the LVM3 rocket.

Gaganyaan Mission: On Schedule for 2024?

ISRO has tentatively scheduled the first unmanned Gaganyaan mission (G1) for the second quarter of 2024. This unmanned flight will be crucial for validating the entire system before carrying astronauts. If successful, it will pave the way for India’s historic crewed mission in 2025.

More Tests Before Liftoff:

While the engine is ready, the road to space doesn’t end there. ISRO plans to conduct two more unmanned missions and critical tests like helicopter drop tests and launchpad abort tests to ensure the complete mission’s safety and success.


This achievement signifies India’s growing prowess in space technology. Successfully sending humans to space will be a major leap forward in the country’s space program, solidifying its position as a leading spacefaring nation.

Stay tuned! With 2024 designated as the Year of Gaganyaan, we can expect exciting developments and updates from ISRO as they inch closer to their human spaceflight dream.


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